Celebrating Inquiry: Fall 2014 V.1 no. 1

Celebrating Inquiry: An Online Journal of Preservice Teachers' Professional Learning

Welcome to the first issue of our online celebration of learning and achievement by University of Lethbridge intern teachers. Below you will find 13 profiles of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIP) completed by pre-service teachers in their final twelve-week practicum.

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Contents of Current Issue:

Digital Citizenship (Be Aware… and Beware)… Rita Abou Gharib

I have been working in collaboration with the staff and students of D.A. Ferguson Middle School on Digital Citizenship. As part of a project-based course, students prepared and hosted D.A. Ferguson’s first ever student-led Digital Awareness Evening.

Soccer Team…Ian Cooke

I took on the opportunity to coach the boys’ soccer team at Tom Baines junior high school. We assembled a group of 21 boys and played a total of six games.

Community Through Music…Andrew Crabbe

I started a Guitar Club at Winston Churchill High School that met at lunch three times per week. The purpose of this project was to foster a sense of community among a diverse population of students through the study of guitar and popular music.

Grade 8 Science Finds…Alyssa Gaudet

I created a blog for my students to post current articles about science. Each week, a student from each class finds an article and posts it to the blog. The other students then read the article of their choice and add comments to it.

Masked Theatre Performance…Megan Hewko

Masked Theatre was a project that I came up with in hopes to bring dramatic arts to elementary school students. My project has been designed for 10 grade four students and 10 grade five students with mixed reading abilities.

Collaborative Creation with Students…Bret Jesse

Within a four-week timeline, students at Raymond Jr High School developed, built, rehearsed and performed an original haunted house project.

Entrepreneurship…Todd Manton

I chose to develop a project around my past experiences in life, and goal setting with my students. The purpose of the project was to inspire students to set goals, as well as understand that if you want to achieve something in your life it takes dedication and a positive attitude.

The LAma Project: Beiseker's 100th Anniversary Heritage Play…Brittany Miller

From September to December, I taught units of amalgamated Language Arts and Drama which the students and I referred to as LAma. Students drafted, scripted, and wrote the content of the 100th anniversary heritage play with my guidance.

Erring On The Side of Comedy…Keith Miller

This project examines the process of creating a middle school production of William Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors. The project takes the participants on a journey from initial discussions about the play through auditions, and into rehearsals.

Using Moodle to Maximize Student Learning… Spencer Wenzel

Moodle is a great tool to enhance the learning process for students. Many teachers have a desire to integrate Moodle in their classrooms but lack the technological background to do so. For that reason I have made a Moodle “how-to” guide and gifted it to the school for such teachers.

The Bottom Line: Literacy in the Science Classroom… Ray Wilde

The Bottom Line is a student journaling project. On a bi-weekly basis, students are given prompts which address big questions and main ideas. They are responsible for submitting a meaningful response electronically via the class website.

Observations and Resources from a Restorative Classroom…Michael Willems

The English Language Learners with Limited Formal Schooling (ELL LFS) Program at Winston Churchill High School is a very unique approach to education. The program has 16 students, the majority of whom were born in refugee camps in Nepal. It is designed specifically for students who are brand new to Canada and are unable to function in a mainstream classroom.

Experiencing Through Games…Steve Woodcock

To what extent can student engagement and learning be increased by the use of games and simulations in the grade 11 social studies classroom?