Celebrating Inquiry

An Online Journal of Preservice Teachers' Professional Learning

Welcome to this showcase of learning and innovation demonstrated by Intern teachers. We are pleased to share a selection of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIPs) featured at the most recent Professional Inquiry Project Symposium. The projects were completed by University of Lethbridge pre-service teachers during their final internship. The current Issue is featured below, with access to past issues also provided.

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Spring 2017 Contents

Mental Health & Interpersonal Skills

Exceptionalities and Mental Wellness in the Classroom… Laura Wuth  

Problem solving with self-regulation… Jordan Logan and Kayla Matkowski

Understanding Anxiety in Children Kennedy Carpenter

Self-regulation in the classroom…Gabriela Garcia

Core & Complementary Programs

Technology in the Thinking Classroom…Sally Leung

Critical Thinking Bell Work for Math… Raelene Boschee

ESL/ELL Students...Jing Wang

Where do I Start? - A resource for teachers implementing dramatic arts in their classroom… Shannon Paulgaard

What does physical literacy have to do with students' behaviour and leaderships skills?... Shelby Stark  

Collaborative teaching, differentiated learning, connective community, and culture in physical education!... Cason Machacek