Curriculum Laboratory
Teaching Ideas Showcase: Using Children's Literature Across the Curriculum

Literature Summaries: Titles That Advocate the Strengths of Using Literature Across the Curriculum

In the summer of 2009, a number of student teachers participated in a directed study class. One of the activities they particpated in was to write summaries of a title that advocated the use of literature across the curriculum, including any reasons that this might be useful, as well as a summary of one example used in the classroom. This section is a summary of their literature searches.

A Guide To Using Student Textbooks for Ideas On Integrating Literature Into the Curriculum

These same students created a number of guides for finding literature integration activities in the textbooks found in Alberta schools. In some cases, titles of particular note and scope are included, even though they are not actual textbooks.

Lesson Plans That Integrate Literature Into Different Subject Areas And Grades

Finally, the students were to create their own lesson plans examples, that they had either used in their classrooms, or will plan to use in the future. We hope you also may find some of these lesson plans useful in your classroom. You have our permission to copy these lessons for your own classroom use.

Prepared by Bill Glaister, Curriculum Laboratory Coordinator, 2009.