Curriculum Laboratory

Searching for Library Materials Dealing with Evaluation of Students

For further assistance in using any of the resources in the Lab, please ask at the Curriculum Lab Information Services Desk

Define your topic, and check basic reference sources

  • Comprehensive handbook of psychological assessment: intellectual and neuropsychological assessment (REFNC BF 176 C654 2004 vol 1)
  • Mental measurements yearbook (REFNC BF 431 B8 ) PLUS available online
  • Handbook of psychological and educational assessment of children (REFNC BF 722 H33 2003)
  • ETS test collection catalogue:  volume 1 achievement tests and measurement devices (LB 3051 E79 1986)
  • The Encyclopedia of education (REFNC LB 15 E47 2003)
  • The International Encyclopedia of educational evaluation (REFNC LB 2822.75 I57 1990)
  • Art of evaluation: a handbook for educators and trainers (REFNC LB 3051 F46 2000)
  • Handbook of tests and measurement in Education and the Social Sciences (REFNC LB 3051 L4543 2000)
  • Tests in print (available online only)
  • Tests: a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education, and business (BF 176 T43 2003)

Search the Library Catalogue

. For subject searches, start with "Subject Heading" (Library of Congress) Search, and browse the subject headings and "related subjects" which come up on the screen.  Use these subject headings or related subject links to get the best possible list of materials:

  • Educational tests and measurements or Educational tests and measurements Alberta (Very specific: finds sample tests, for example)
    • Alberta Assessment Consortium published a 7 volume resource titled "Student assessment materials for the classroom" containing assessment for the different subjects in the Alberta curriculum. (371.26 Alb).
    • A more recent version of the AAC Assessment Materials with real life examples, is on the AAC web site, cited in step #6.
  • Educational evaluation (More general search)
  • Grading and marking students
  • Individualized instruction (Covers such topics as I.P.P.s, etc.)
    • One resource discussing individualized instruction and differentiated assessment is "Differentiated assessment strategies : one tool doesn't fit all" by Carolyn Chapman, Rita King. (LB 3051 C4483 2005)
    • "Nolo's IEP guide : learning disabilities" is an electronic book (available to U of L students only) written by Lawrence M. Siegel, and covers all aspects of an individualized education program in the United States.
    • Alberta Education focuses on special education for students with varying needs and abilities in the series "Programming for students with special needs." Vol 3. focuses on the development of an IPP (Individualized Program Planning) for such students. (375 SpecEd Alta.)
  • Reading ability testing (Covers such topics as reading inventories, etc.)
    • There is an electronic resource (available to U of L students only) titled "Children's reading comprehension and assessment" and is about ability testing in reading. This electronic book, edited by Scott J. Paris and Steven A. Stahl, contains numerous articles about reading comprehension and assessment of it in school contexts and large scale studies.

If you are unhappy with the results of an author, title, or subject search, broaden your search using Keyword Search

It searches the author, title, subject and notes fields of an item record.  Some broad searches for this subject are listed below:

  • educational and (test* or evaluation*)
  • subject and educational and (test* or evaluation)  e.g. science and educational and (test* or evaluation)
  • individualized program plan* or individualized education program*

Browse the shelves

(If you only want to search for materials in the Curr Lab, click on the Limit this search button and then change the location from ANY to U of L -Curriculum Lab.):

  • Curriculum Lab hints and helps:
    • Search for "Tool Kit (Complete)" -- Developed to assist teachers in determining and communicating judgments of a student's grade level of achievement and quality of performance. It features curriculum summaries, sample assessment tasks, rubrics, and report card comments.
    • Search by title for "Combined Grades Manual" published by Edmonton Public Schools  -- there is a section on assessment
    • If you want sample diploma examinations or sample achievement tests, try the subject heading, "Educational tests and measurements Alberta" or a keyword search on "examinations", or the title begins with "assessment highlights" (on various subjects and grades) limited to Curriculum Lab only.
    • Castle Rock Publications has been producing two types of assessment materials, based on the Alberta Curriculum:
      • "The Key" Study Guides "have been designed to help students prepare for school tests, final exams, and standardized assessments."
      • "Student Notes and Problems," or SNAP workbooks, are student focused, and provide illustrative examples and explanations of the Alberta curriculum. They can be used as study aids for teachers assigning extra questions for students.
      • These titles were developed using assessment items from Alberta licensed government examinations. For more information, these titles are available in the Curriculum Laboratory (search the Library Catalogue for "Castle Rock"), or see the Castle Rock Research web site.
    • Look in the vertical file under "Educational Evaluation" and "Education--Tests and Measurements".
    • Search by author for the "Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) ."
    • Check the Teacher Resource Manuals and Curriculum guides in each subject area, for assessment ideas and examples.
    • Alberta Education has published the "Diagnostic Reading Program" (375 LangArt Alta. Gr.1-6) and "Diagnostic Mathematics Program" (375 Math Alta.) to assist teachers in identifying students' strengths and weaknesses in those subjects. They both also include suggestions and strategies for follow-up instruction.
    • Classroom Assessment Materials Project (CAMP) materials are not available in the Curriculum Laboratory due to copyright issues.
    • Check all the volumes of the basic textbooks for assessment activities.
    • Elk Island Public Schools (for secondary Social Studies) and Edmonton Public Schools (for elementary Science) have all produced lesson plans which contain assessment materials. Search these organizations by author.
    • Look for reading ability testing examples under 372.48.
  • Main Library collection hints and helps:
    • Browse the shelves under LB 3050 to LB 3063
    • Look for reading ability testing under LB1050.4 to LB1050.5

Check the Education Journal Indexes on the Library Home Page:

    • CBCA Complete or Academic Search Complete: In these multidisciplinary databases/indexes, type in your specific search terms (e.g. rubrics or evaluation and portfolios), and then add on one of the following generic terms (e.g. school*, teach*, educat*); or try these general terms:
      • student evaluation, evaluation practices, achievement tests, educational evaluation, or educational tests and measurements.
      • Your terms can also be limited by geographical location or educational division.  e.g. student evaluation and Alberta and elementary
    • ERIC: Try your specific search terms, or try these ERIC Thesaurus terms: student evaluation, non graded student evaluation, classroom observation techniques, educational testing, grades, grading, informal assessment, peer evaluation, portfolio assessment, report cards. You may want to begin research in the ERIC Digests database, where one can find a concise introduction on many evaluation topics.

Search the Internet:

    • The Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC) -- Licensed for Faculty of Education students and staff, this site contains an overview of research in the field of assessment, assessment glossary, guidelines for developing assessment materials, and a broad range of assessment materials that are directly tied to the Alberta curriculum. If you need a username and password, please contact the Curriculum Laboratory Information Services Desk.
    • Alberta Education has a Provincial Testing site, including links to information and samples from their two main assessment programs: the Achievement Testing Program and the Diploma Examinations Program.
    • Search Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation, a journal which provides “education professionals“ access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice."
    • Browse the site on assessment ideas, links, and articles. Includes Princples of Fair Assessment, 5 Quality Assessment Standards, Assessment in Practice, Student Empowerment, and, Issues and Concerns on Assessment.
    • The Curriculum Laboratory's Teacher's Sites lists many of the main Internet sites used by teachers, such as Alberta Education, and some comprehensive education sites containing educational issues and lesson plans, technology sites for teachers, etc.
    • The Curriculum Laboratory's Great Sites for Educators contains useful links such as Digital Resource Subscriptions (Learn Alberta, etc.), Digital Reference resources, Kid's Sites, Lesson Plans, and links for Specific School Subjects. These sites often contain assessment activities as well.
Prepared by Bill Glaister, Margaret Rodermond August 2003. Updated July 2008.