I am an ammonite fossil.

Image and video clip of same used with permission from Oyvind Hammer, Associate Professor, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, http://users.notam02.no/~oyvindha/graphics.html

When I was alive I was a mollusk that swam in a large, warm inland sea that covered much of Alberta.

I am related to the squid and the octopus.

I became extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs.

Watch me swim!

Image used with permission from http://www.tompkinsjewellers.com

Ammolite is a gemstone made from my fossilized shell. Can you see me shine?

Ammolite is also known by the Blackfoot people as Iniskim: Buffalo Rock, or Buffalo Calling Stone.

Ammolite is also the official gemstone of the City of Lethbridge, Alberta.

90% of the world's Ammolite is mined in Southern Alberta.



This is the largest Ammonite fossil found in the world (so far)!


Image used with permission from http://www.gifs.net/gif/

When I was alive, I moved up and down by emptying and filling my shell chambers with water, just like a submarine does.