Services provided in Edmonton

  • Program planning guides, timetables, brochures, and other useful resources
  • One-on-one advising
  • Assistance with course selection, class scheduling and monitoring academic progress
  • Advice on changing major or program
  • Degree audits
  • Pre-requisite waiver requests for MGT courses
  • All appeals or special requests

Office Hours

Regular (January to April and September to December)

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am–06:00 pm

Summer (May to August)

Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am–06:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am-05:00 pm

Degree audit reports

A degree audit report shows your progress toward graduation requirements. You can request a degree audit from our office by email or telephone to your advisor. To protect confidentiality, Photo ID is required for pick-up.


On occasion, a student may have acquired the necessary background for an advanced course through prior work experience and the instructor may be willing to waive the pre-requisite. If you are in this situation, before you speak with the instructor, the first thing to do is see an Advisor.

Similarly, there is provision to appeal final grades, should you feel that you have been assessed unfairly. Again, begin at the Edmonton Campus Office.

Sometimes illness or a family emergency make it impossible to meet a deadline or write a scheduled exam. First, speak to your instructor. If the situation is more serious and you need to reschedule final exams or even withdraw from your courses, meet with an Advisor as soon as possible.

Personal and career counselling

The University provides career counseling services, and other career related resources, such as postings and placement services to both current students and alumni. Students in Edmonton have access to all the career related resources through the Career Resource Centre located in Lethbridge. For further information please visit the website at, call 403.329.2187, or contact the director, Pat Tanaka at

Tuition payments

Tuition payments can be made at the Edmonton office by cheque, debit, or money order. Alternatively, students can make tuition payments through online banking using their ID numbers as the account number.

Library services

Students who wish to use the U of L library services must activate their borrowing privileges at: This process must be completed every semester. Updating your library privileges allows you to check out books from the U of L library in Lethbridge. Once you order your book, the U of L library will send your book to the Edmonton campus office, where we’ll call or email you when it’s ready for pick up. When you’re done with the book, come back to the Edmonton campus office, and we’ll send it back to the U of L library, free of charge.

The Alberta Library (TAL) Card

The Alberta Library card provides borrowing privileges at all TAL participating public, post secondary and special Libraries throughout Alberta.


The COPPUL card provides borrowing privileges at other post secondary institutions such as The University of Alberta.

In order to be issued a TAL/COPPUL Card, students must go to in order to activate their borrowing privileges. Students must also submit an application at the Edmonton office for Library approval. The card then can be picked up from the Edmonton office after it has been approved.

Student ID cards

Students can request and have their photos taken for an ID card at any time over the course of their studies. Simply provide your ID number and we will take a photo for your identification card.

Student finance

Student loan applications can be completed online at All major forms related to Student Finance are available in the office. Forms requiring institutional seals, and/or designated signatures can also be dropped off and picked up at the Edmonton office.


Students can load copy/ID cards at either the Bookstore or the Library Circulation Desk. The fee schedule is as follows (prices includes GST):

$3 – 19 pages ($0.16 per page)
$5.25 – 33 pages ($0.16 per page)

Students can also purchase print pages (for printing to the printers in the computer labs/library) at the Bookstore or Library Circulation Desk. This is added to your network account, not your ID card. The fee schedule for print pages is as follows:

$1 – 10 pages
$2 – 30 pages
$3 – 45 pages
$5 – 75 pages


Parking is $3 per evening and all day Saturday. A semester parking pass can be purchaed at the Concordia Bookstore for $100

Students Requiring Accomodation

The University of Lethbridge shares the responsibility for providing instructional and learning related accommodations for students with disabilities. Students must provide documentation of their disability in the form of an assessment and recommendations for accommodation. Edmonton staff work closely with the Accommodated Learning Centre to provide students with disabilities the resources they need to meet their academic and career goals.

The Accommodated Learning Centre can be reached year round at 403.329.2766 or online at accommodated-learning-centre


The University offers email services and computer access to students. The primary purposes of the service are to enable the students to contact one another and their faculty members, to participate in online research and discussions and to allow assignments to be completed.

Access to the Student Lab

Computers are available at Concordia Library for student use. Log in is the same as your wireless access.

Wireless Access

Wireless access (Eduroam) is available at Concordia.