University of Lethbridge - The Diversity Advantage

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Administrative Manual


Diversity and Employment Equity

1. Guiding Principles

Diversity is the recognition and acknowledgement of individual differences such as: education, age, gender, sexual orientation, style, ability or disability, religion, ethnicity, culture, or any other characteristic that shapes an individual's attitudes, behaviours and perspective. Diversity strengthens and enriches the University workplace, improving its effectiveness and success.


Equity is treating people fairly, that is, acknowledging and making accommodations for differences so that everyone can contribute fully.


Merit. Skill, ability, performance and results are the criteria used for selecting, developing and advancing people.


Inclusiveness. Equity is inclusive, whereby the rights of all individuals to be respected, valued, and empowered to participate fully, are honoured.

2. Objectives
    Diversity and Employment Equity are important to the University in order to:
  • Attract and retain the best people from an increasingly diverse workforce.
  • Maximize the potential, creativity and innovation of all its employees.
  • Reflect the diversity of our students and global intellectual communities.
  • Enhance quality, service, and opportunities
3. Policy

The University of Lethbridge is committed to achieve and maintain a fair and representative workplace through the development and implementation of an employment equity plan where diversity is valued and all individuals are provided full opportunity to develop their potential by removing barriers in selection, hiring, development and advancement.

In practice, all policies and procedures will ensure that individuals are not denied opportunity for reasons unrelated to merit, and that reasonable accommodations will be made to enable them to participate equitably in all levels of employment.

The plan will comply with relevant statutory obligations as well as all University employment contracts, agreements, policies, and guidelines.