Bachelor of Management/Bachelor of Education (BMgt/BEd)

The combined BMgt/BEd degree program with education prepares you for teaching in the K–12 school system, and leads to the award of a Bachelor of Management and a Bachelor of Education. With this combined degree, you will be prepared to teach in schools and receive an excellent management education that qualifies you to teach in the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) area. In the education portion of the combined degree, you will practice teaching in schools during three professional semesters. Some typical career paths include CTS teacher, principal, or school administrator.

The combined BMgt/BEd takes five years (50 courses) to complete and leads to the conferral of two degrees. You will be required to take 16 Management courses, 14 Arts and Science courses and the equivalent of 20 courses in Education.

This program is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

Admission routes

The following admission routes are available into our BMgt/BEd combined degree program:

You are encouraged to consult early with Student Program Services in the Faculty of Education regarding admission requirements and program planning.


The following majors are available in this program:

BMgt - General Management/BEd - Career and Technology Studies (CTS) ​​Program planning guide

Students who choose to complete a major other than General Management may be required to extend their program beyond 50 courses. Please meet with an advisor to determine your major requirements.