B.A./B.Mgt. or B.Sc./B.Mgt

With a combined Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Management (B.A./B.Mgt.) or a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management (B.Sc./B.Mgt.) degree, you can explore a multitude of interests and careers. For example, if you are interested in managing an art gallery, you can major in art and general management. If sports marketing ignites your passion, you can major in kinesiology and marketing.

The Combined B.A./B.Mgt. or B.Sc./B.Mgt. degree program takes five years (50 courses) to complete and leads to the conferral of two degrees.

Admission Requirements

Enrolment in the B.A./B.Mgt. or a B.Sc./B.Mgt. Combined Degrees programs is limited and fulfilment of the minimum academic admission requirements does not guarantee admission. The Faculty of Arts and Science and the Dhillon School of Business reserve the right of selection of all applicants for admission and readmission based on admission average.

In addition to the general admission requirements, some B.A. and B.Sc. majors and all B.Mgt. majors have additional admission requirements.


Management majors

Applicants seeking the B.A./B.Mgt. or a B.Sc./B.Mgt. degrees must declare distinct majors in the Combined Degrees program. For example, if Economics, Indigenous Studies, or Political Science is chosen for the B.A. portion of the B.A./B.Mgt. program, the applicant must declare a Management major other than Economics, Indigenous Governance and Business Management or Political Science, respectively.


Once you have chosen your major, consider the option of working toward a secondary area of focus. A minor will let you explore more than one academic interest, enhance your resume and be recognized on your transcript.