Active and ongoing research

The Dhillon School of Business is continually committed to active and ongoing research with publications that contribute depth and breadth of knowledge to the business field. Our research delves into the outcomes and implications of decisions, whether related to the management of land and communities, employees, health care, agricultural practices, imports, exports, financial systems or the food supply.

These important goals are what drive faculty members to focus on their disciplines through collaborative and high-quality research efforts with colleagues and other institutions throughout the world. During the past five years, faculty have published nearly 170 refereed journal articles, presented at more than 300 conference and have been cited more than 15,000 times by academic scholars and practitioners.

In addition to monthly research presentations by faculty members throughout the year, scholars from other institutions, organizations and successful business professionals, known nationally and internationally, have been invited to campus to present. In the past five years, 16 scholars have come to collaborate with faculty and share their research with students­­—all enabled by the Burns Endowment Fund Program.

We facilitate and promote research by providing travel grants and seed funding, providing access to specialized lectures and research presentations and otherwise actively publicizing the work undertaken by our faculty members.

If you'd like see research conducted by University of Lethbridge faculty, please see the University of Lethbridge Experts Database.

In addition, the school has established centres dedicated to the support of research in specific areas:

Student Research

If you are interested in pursuing research as a student, our Master of Science in Management degree is a proven alternative to the traditional MBA, and focuses on building competencies in research. This intensive program provides students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to conduct rigorous and scholarly research into a business or management issue in the discipline of accounting, finance, human resources and labour relations, information systems, international management, marketing, or policy and strategy.


Featured Research

Nathan Lupton

How foreign investment helps the economy

Dr. Nathan Lupton’s area of expertise is the role that foreign investment and international trade play in local economic development. Two specific areas he focuses on, which are key to stimulating growth in developed and developing economies alike, are the international diffusion of technology and how financial gains are distributed within a society.

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Ebenezer Asem

Understanding the charity-corporate connection

Dr. Ebenezer Asem is currently engaged in research on corporate dividend policy and its relation to corporate-charity connections. These will help us better understand the distribution of corporate wealth and develop corporate governance structures that will strengthen the charity-corporate connection and increase corporate participation in charitable activities in our communities.

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Mary Runte

Developing healthy patient journeys

Dr. Mary Runte is currently conducting research in the area of health management and health service delivery. Current projects include the development and evaluation of a new treat and refer protocol with Calgary EMS as well as a second study mapping the patient journey through arrhythmia care for syncope, sudden cardiac death and atrial fibrillation (funded by Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada).

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Yutao Li

How investors make decisions and corporate policy influencers

The primary research interest for Dr. Yutao Li is understanding how accounting and non-accounting information affects investors’ financial and investment decisions and the functioning of equity and credit markets. Her secondary research interest includes how security market regulations, capital market developments, and other institutional factors influence corporate disclosure policy.

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Updated: April 5, 2018