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Testing Centre Information for Students

Do not wait until the last scheduled day that an exam is available to write it. It is your responsibility to complete the exam in a timely fashion. If there are 120 students in a course and they all wait until the last morning to write an exam, there will not be enough time, or possibly room, for everyone to complete the test before the deadline.

Some quizzes or exams may have a time limit in which you need to complete them. As soon as you begin an exam a timer will start. Make sure that you submit your quiz or exam before the time expires.

The act of cheating is a very serious academic offense and is treated by the invigilators as such. Invigilators will watch for any signs of communication between students, and any other forms of cheating. These will be noted and the instructor of the course will be informed. Fellow students may also inform the invigilators of any cheating or suspicious behavior they notice in the Testing Centre. University of Lethbridge policies regarding academic offenses are described in Part 4 of the University Calendar.

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