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How do I Test my Students using Blackboard?

Once you have created an assessment there are a few ways in which you can deploy your exam.

  1. Use the Testing Centre: The testing centre is located on campus and is opertated by proctors who confirm student identity and invigilate exams. They enter secure passwords for students to access exams etc. If you would like to use the testing centre for you exam, please contact John Kometz. Remember to provide reasonable notice to have your exam accessed via the testing centre.
  2. Self invigilation: You can monitor your own exams from a computer lab and provide an online exam in a face to face setting. Some faculty do this because the online exams often reduce marking load. If you wish to consult one of the CRDC staff on the aspects of this type of testing please contact the CRDC for more information.
  3. Open Online Testing: You can have open book, open resource, exams that allow students to access an exam from anywhere(home computer, computer labs on campus, etc.) in which student can write there exam from anywhere. This type of testing is considered open because from a distance there is no way to confirm absolute student identity nor is there anyway to limit there resources. Although this type of exam is open, it can be very effective.

All of the assessment methods previously described can be subject to the following assessment properties.

  • IP address restriction
  • Time limit restriction
  • Date restrictions
  • Student ID restrictions
  • Password Authentication.

These properties can be accessed via the arrow like drop down menu beside the assessment title. Choose Edit Properties.

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