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Using the Question Database

The question database is a great tool that can be use to create assessment questions as you write them, and it is also a great way to create a pool of questions to add randomness to question selection within an assessment. You do not have to have an assessment created to add questions to your courses question database.

Choose Assessment from the Course Tools menu and then select Go to Question Database to continue.

Upon entering the Question Database, you will notice that you are provided with three options at the top of the screen. Create Questions, Create Category and Manage Columns.

Create Questions: allows you to choose a question type and create a question that can be added to any category or left uncategorized.

Create Category: allows you to create folders within the question database so you can organize your content. If you have created questions that are uncategorized, but would like to move those questions to specific categories, check the box beside the questions you wish to move. Then at the bottom of the screen use the Move Questions to Category dropdown menu to move select the category of your choice. Press the green arrow to the right of the category drop down to initialize the move.

Manage Columns: This section allows you to rearrange how the questions are displayed in the question database. This tool also allows you to create columns that allow you to further categorize or organize your content.

Notice also that you can view the questions in the database by category or by question. To toggle which view you use, locate the view by question and view by category buttons located on the right of the screen.

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