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AU Open Access Week October 18 -22, 2010

The objective of AU’s Open Access Week is to promote understanding, adoption, use and production of open access resources for formal and informal teaching and learning. AU is presenting a series of five noon-hour webcasts exploring major issues and opportunities presented by open access. Each session will feature an internationally known promoter and developer of open access resources, research or ideas.

Noon hour webcasts will include the following presentations:

Monday, October 18
Using Open Production of Course Content to make a Difference

Dr. Wayne Mackintosh
Noon to 1 pm Mountain Time (Canada)

Tuesday, October 19
Open Opportunity through Open Scholarship and Open Publication

Dr. Frits Pannekoek
Noon to 1 pm Mountain Time (Canada)

Wednesday, October 20
Open Educational Resources and Copyright

Dr. Rory McGreal
Noon to 1 pm Mountain Time (Canada)

Thursday, October 21
Managing and Learning in MOOCs (massive open online courses)

George Siemens
Noon to 1 pm Mountain Time (Canada)

Friday, October 22
Panel on Open Library, Scholarship and Learning at Athabasca University

Dr. Terry Anderson, Dr. Cindy Ives, Tony Tin, Colin Elliott
Noon to 1 pm Mountain Time (Canada)

For more information, please contact Colin Elliott – – or visit the AU Open Access site:

These noon hour sessions can also be viewed within the CRDC (L1126). Join us for some great presentations and some great discussion. Please email us if you will be joining us.


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