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Viewing and Grading Assignments

To view assignment submission make sure your role is set to teacher by selecting the teach tab located near the top of the page. Under the instructor tools menu you will notice an item labled Assignment Dropbox. Click this button to continue.

Upon entering the assignment drop box you will notice that you have a new series of tabs to organize your assignments. Submitted, Not Submitted, Graded, Published and All.

The default is to view submitted assignments. However, in a class with many students and many assignments looking at assignments this way can become tedious. You can filter the list by the name of the assignment by selecting the assignment from the view by menu located at the far right of the screen near the top of the page. Click the green arrow beside this drop down list in order to filter the assignments.

To mark an individual assignment look for the title of the assignment in the list of submitted assignments. For example if you named the assignment, Task One, there will be a list of student submissions with the first column being the assignment title and the second column listing the name of the associated student.

Choose the drop down beside the title not the user and choose Review submission. Once you are done marking choose Mark as completed and return to Student from the Save Options and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

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