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Using Blackboard’s File Manager

The file manager is a useful feature of the Blackboard Learning Management System that can allow you to transfer files between different Blackboard courses as well it can be used to upload content.

To access the file manager, ensure you are have a building role by selecting the build tab near the top left of the screen.

Under Designer Tools, click on File Manager. You are now accessing the file manager. On the left side you will see a site map of the folders you have access to, and on the right you will see all the files for the course you are currently in.

Similarly to the Course Content area, you can create files, get files and organize files using folders. Buttons specifying these exact activities are prominent near the top of the screen.

If you have multiple courses, you can transfer files between your courses as well.

To transfer a file to another course, or even to a different folder within the same course, check the box beside the file you would like to move.

Once selected access the drop dropdown menu for the item (which looks like a downwards pointing arrow with two lines beneath it) and choose move.

This will open up a dialogue box that asks you where you would like to move your file. You can choose from the location that works best for you. If you are transferring an asset to a different course, then you would choose “Class Files” and the appropriate class and folder.

NOTE: You can only move files not folders from course to course. Folders can only be moved within the class it was created in.

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