How do I upload a file in Blackboard

To upload a file in the Blackboard course management system:

  1. Choose the Build tab. The build, teach and student tabs are located in the top left area of the screen.
  2. Choose Course Content from the Course Tools menu on the left of the screen.
  3. Choose Add File from the choices in the Course Content area
    • This button is a dropdown menu. It will provide you with the following choices: Browse for Files OR Create File
    • Choose Browse for Files to upload content from your computer
    • Choose Create File if you wish to create a file using the HTML editor.
  4. For the purposes of this post we are going to choose Browse for Files. When you choose this option a dialogue box will appear that asks you where you would like to get your files from: My Computer, My Files, Class Files.
  5. To upload a file from your computer choose My computer.
  6. Navigate to the file you wish to upload and choose the file you wish to upload. Click Open. Your file should begin uploading and be place in your classes course content area. The uploaded file will retain its name and will display with the name it was given before upload. This name can be changed if needed via the properties option in the item’s drop down menu. Java must be installed and working in order for you to choose files from My Computer. If you do not see My Computer then you will have to install java.


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