Changing values in Canadian Universities.

The 21st century has brought about a competitive market for higher education. As this occurred some noticed value shift in universities. Some of these value shifts can be connected to the web becoming a dominant medium and opening up knowledge and communication to a variety new learners, while others are a little harder to justify.  These are the four changes that the Christine Overall, a teacher in the department of philosophy at Queen’s University, finds the most significant.

1) understanding education as a good that’s both intrinsically and instrumentally valuable to justifying education mainly in terms of its purported utilitarian value;

2) being hierarchical and exclusive to becoming more egalitarian and inclusive;

3) being a place where scholars’ intellectual authority was accepted almost without question to a place where the very idea of intellectual authority is challenged;

4) being a place built on a notion of objective truth to a place where relativism in values and epistemic claims is common.

The rest of the article can be read by following the link below. The article further analyzes the significant changes in university values over the last half century and asks the question, are these changes good or bad?

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