Is the University a Dying Breed? Technology and Education

I came across this interesting article that speaks well to the effective use of technology in the classroom. Sometimes we make the mistake of relying too much on technology to improve teaching when it is just another tool.

Here we find a paradox within the argument as to universities’ collective fate.  The same technologies that are proposed as replacements for teachers and classes are actually improving both.  Recorded lectures don’t really replace the educational experience of taking a class, but they sure help when you’re trying to remember what your professor said at the beginning of the semester.  New media don’t teach students by themselves, but they are excellent resources in the hands of a capable educator.  If a technology can teach a certain topic better than a human can (say, a game to teach foreign language), it will be deployed to that purpose – but the teacher still take over where the technologies fail (which is to say, they are tools). Even as new technologies are offered as the new teachers, they make the traditional teachers even better at their work.

To read the full article click here:

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