Teaching and the Information Revolution

We all tend to be most comfortable with familiar practices. And thus, thinking about changing the way we teach can be intimidating.  At the post-secondary level, a rich and powerful tradition surrounds the practice and construct of our teaching and learning activities – embedding face-to-face lectures, labs, tutorials and seminars as foundational components of undergraduate and graduate instruction.

The information revolution, however, is radically changing the way in which the global community communicates, accesses information, collaborates, constructs understanding, disseminates ideas, learns, and teaches. And the changes in information and communication technologies we have witnessed over the past decade will in all probability be exponentially eclipsed by the changes of the next.

Kevin Kelly – author and publisher – in his classic “TED Talk” introduces some radical thoughts about the evolution of information, knowledge and technology as he attempts to predict the future of information technologies and the further revolutionary changes they will certainly invoke in our lives (and thus, perhaps, our teaching).

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