Using the Smartboard GoWire

Smartboards are an excellent tool for collaboration and presentation. However, one of the drawbacks for new users is not having the software needed to use the interactive whiteboard. SmartTech has created a solution. Called the GoWire, this USB cable attaches to a users computer and carries all of the software and drivers necessary to use the Smartboard on the fly. Below are the steps to get you going with the Smartboard in the 24 Hour Learning Centre:

1. Power on the Smartboard using the power button on the front panel. The projector needs to be set to VGA1 by pressing the Input button (to the right of the volume dial) until VGA1 is displayed on the bottom right of the screen.
Smartboard control panel

2. Locate the GoWire USB and RGB cables on the rear right of the Smartboard and attach your Windows based laptop.

3. On your desktop, a dialog will open asking of you want to run Smart software. This is similar to when you insert a USB drive or DVD.

4. Start GoWire Meeting Pro to begin using the software and Smartboard.

5. Meeting Pro has a simple interface that allows you to use the touch features and tools on your desktop or a digital whiteboard. To switch between desktop display and the whiteboard space, press the Desktop or Whiteboard button at the top of the vertical toolbar.

6. The tools available are:
Cursor – allows you to use your finger as a mouse pointer and to select objects on the whiteboard.
Pen – use one of the pens in the tray or use your finger as a pen. You can select ink colour and line type.
Eraser – allows you to erase objects and lines.
Shapes – Draw various shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles and lines.
Capture – allows you to capture entire pages or sections of a page or you desktop to use on the whiteboard space.
Clear All – Clears your current whiteboard page,

7. You can collapse the toolbar or move it to the other side of the screen using the Collapse and Move Toolbar buttons.

8. The software allows you to save your whiteboard sessions as image files or PDF.

9. When you are finished your session, close Meeting Pro and disconnect the GoWire and RGB cable. Shutdown the Smartbaord using the power button on the front panel.

We encourage you to practice with the Smartboard if you plan to use it in your teaching or class presentations. It is an excellent tool for planning and giving presentations using standard software or the web. If you are a Mac owner or you would like to use more advanced tools with the Smartboards, you can download Smart tools and a trial version of Smart Notebook, and the necessary drivers from the SmartTech website.

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