Export grades from Blackboard to SIS (registrars system)

The procedure is as follows. Note: only Lead instructor (as listed by theRegistrar), will be able to complete this procedure.

1) There is a column in your grade book for each class called “Final” we need to get your final letter grades in that column (A+ , A, … F). You can enter them manually, or upload them from a spreadsheet if you wish. You need to make sure you only have letter grades expected by the system, and that they are all upper case etc. For some of you this may mean you need to change the column type of the final column to “alphanumeric” (if it is a calculated column). You can do this from the “grade book Options” > “Column Settings” page.

2) There is a drop down menu at the bottom of your grade book called “export to SIS”, you need to select “Final” for that and press the green arrow button to the right on this dropdown menu to start the procedure.

3) Pretty much just follow the instructions, they will have you confirm the grades and guide you through the process.

4) If there are any errors during the process give the CRDC a call (1856) and we can work through fixing them.

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