Reset the toolbar in iClicker

If you run iClicker off of your p-drive, or some other remote drive, you may run into a problem where your iclicker tool bar that allows you to start and stop polls is missing. This is because you may be running the software from multiple computers that have different screen sizes and resolutions. So when your tool bar disappears, it is really there, but is pushed off the current screen.

To get around this problem, you will need to quit iClicker. Because the tool bar is missing this may be done by force quitting the program via the task manager (Cntrl Alt Delete on the PC and Cmd option esc on the Mac). Restart the iClicker software, but instead of choosing “Start Session” choose “Your Settings and Preferences”. Note in the General tab of your preferences that there is a reset button that resets the position of the iClicker tool bar. Clicking reset will move the toolbar back to a reasonable position on your screen.


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