Exporting assessments to another class in Blackboard

An assessment can be exported from one class to another to avoid having to build the exam from scratch.

In order to do this, the exam must first be exported.


Choose the build tab to ensure you have a builders role. Choose Assessments from the Course Tools menu. Choose the drop down menu beside the assessment you wish to export, and choose Export from the menu items. Choose Class Files in the browsing window and navigate to the course you which to export the assessment to. Once you have chosen the destination of the assessment, type in a file name in the Save as: field. Then click OK.

The exam has now been exported to the course of your choice. However, the process is not complete. The exam must then be imported via the course you just exported to.


Choose the build tab to ensure you have a builders role. Choose Manage Course from the Designers Tools menu on the left of the screen. Choose Import. A dialogue box appears, similar to the export dialogue box. Navigate to the assessment in the list of files. It is listed alphabetically; however, you can list the files by type by clicking Type at the top of the file list. The assessment will be listed according to the name you gave it and will be a ZIP file.

Once you have located the file, click the radio button beside it and click okay. A report will be generated on screen letting you know if the import was successful. Upon successful import you should click Return. To view the imported data click on Assessments and Go to Question Database. The imported assessment actually imports as individual questions to the question database. They will be in the category named the same as the ZIP file you exported.

To add these questions to an assessment follow these instructions.

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