My files are not actually uploading when I choose “Add File” in the Course Content area.

If you are trying to upload files for your course and they appear to be loading, but upon navigating to your course content area they are missing, follow the troubleshooting techniques below.

1. Are you uploading more than one file?
If you are uploading more than one file, keep in mind that you have a limit of ten files even though you can upload more than one. To resolve this, try adding the file again. When the dialogue window with the My Computer icon pops up, click on my computer. Notice a browsing window pops up that allows you to search for files. Close this window, and instead choose to upload files individually. This choice is a blue text link beside the My Computer icon. You will have to choose each file individually and upload in this manner. Often times this problem arises with Macintosh users due to a browser or Java compatibility issue, but can also arise on Windows as well.

2. I am uploading one file but it still won’t upload.
Try also using the instructions above.


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