How do I grade my students using iClicker?

In order to grade your students using iClickers you will need to associate the iClicker ID and the student’s ID. To accomplish this you will need to have your students register via the iclicker registration web site:

Once your students have completed the registration form and you have held at least one iClicker session, you may update your course registration information using the Synchronize Web Registrations feature.

Launch iGrader.

Click Synchronize Web Registrations from the main iGrader window.

A Synchronize Web Registrations window will appear with a description of the synchronization function. Click Continue to proceed.

iGrader synchronizes your roster information with your students’ online registrations. After synchronization is complete, click Done to return to the main iGrader window.

If an inconsistency between your roster and the web registrations exist, you will be prompted to resolve it before synchronization is completed. The software will alert you to any discrepancies between your roster and the web registrations.

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