How do I set up a poll using

Upon logging in you will be presented with all the polls associated with the account.

In the polls section choose Create New Poll from the left of the screen.

Choose what type of poll you would like to create. Goal polls are not available in Canada, so your choices would be Multiple Choice or Free Text.

Free text polls allow users to submit words, comments or phrases and multiple choice allows you to specify a number of choices

Insert the data for the required fields to build your question.

On the right side of the screen you will notice some poll options such as the user reply message and various ways that people can respond to your poll.

It is important to check all the ways you will be asking your users to respond. For example, if you do not choose web widget, you will not be able to poll your students via a web address. Once you have filled in all the appropriate information, choose save poll.

To have your students respond, follow the instructions for each method below.

Web: Provide students with a web address which they can navigate to and click on the choice they wish to select. To obtain the correct web address, choose the Web Voting link from the right side of the screen in the area labeled Ways to Vote. Notice that when you click on this link the screen changes. This is how the screen will look to your students if they answer using the web method. Copy the URL in the address bar and send to your students.

NOTE: The URL provided by is a little long. If you wish to send a shorter url, try a service such as or Also you can use the smartphone method from a laptop to achieve the same result. See the smartphone method below.

Text Message: If your students have simple cell phones they can text their choice. To send a text, they will have to send a message to the following number 32075.

In text message must be the following content and only the following content
– CAST #the number for the choice – Ex; CAST 565443.

When they hit send it should only take a few moments for the poll to update.

Smartphone: Smartphone users can go to to submit their response. Upon navigating to your students will be presented with a text field.

In the field they will need to type in the number corresponding to the response they wish to select.

NOTE: The word CAST does not need to be typed in with the number. Type in the number only when using this method.

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