I have a discussion board in Blackboard, how do I use it?

By default, the discussion boards use a threaded topic format. Users post and reply to messages. Replies that are associated with the same post are grouped together, creating message threads that can be expanded and collapsed.

However, if you adjust the settings, you can also format the discussion board using a Blog Topic or a Journal Topic.

Blog topics create a collaborative blog (weblog) space by allowing participants to post a chronological series of entries on a particular topic. Participants can then add comments to any blog entry.

Journal Topics give Students a place for their own writing. The journals can be kept private between the Student and the Section Instructor or shared with the class.

By default only threaded discussions are available. To make the Blog and Journal topics available, select the Build tab >> Manage Course >> Settings.

Within the settings module, there are a ton of choices to look at. We want to look in the Tools column and click on the link called Discussions.

The Discussion tools settings panel opens and provides you with a number of options to toggle on and off. You will need to toggle Enable Blog and Journal type topic creation to True.

Now when you go to create a discussion topic, you will be given a choice of threaded, blog or journal.

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