Creating an Assessment

To create an assessment make sure you have a builders role by selecting the Build tab located near the top left of the screen.

Once you have selected the build tab notice within the Course Tools menu the Assessment item. Select this item to continue.

Once you are located on the assessment screen notice that you are given a number of choices. Create Assessment, or Go to Question Database.

To create an assessment choose the create assessment button and fill in the appropriate details. You do not have to set the release date properties etc on this screen. Once you title your assessment and choose what type of assessment you wish to use choose Save located at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: It is good practices to hide the assessment item while you are working on it.

Once you hit Save, your assessment is created and you are ready to edit the assessment by adding questions. There are a couple of ways you can add questions to your assessment. You can add questions to the question database first and then add them to your assessment after, or you can immediately add questions to the assessment. However you should note that questions created directly in assessments are also created in the question database as well.

To add questions to directly to your assessment choose your assessment from the list in via the Assessments module that can be accessed from the Course Tools menu on the left of the screen. Once you choose the assessment you will see two buttons to allow you to add content to your assessment: Add to Assessment and Create Questions.

Add to Assessment has three choices related to it as well:

  1. Adding Existing Questions: This adds question to the assessment that have been built using the question database
  2. Part: This allows you to visually split your assessment into parts and label them accordingly with descriptive instructions.
  3. Question Set: This allows you to insert a block of selected questions from the question database. This option also gives you the functionality to randomly select a designated number of questions from the total number of questions in the question set to display to your students. For example you may if you create a question set of 5 questions, you can choose to have Blackboard randomly select only 2 of the questions in that question set for students to answer.
  4. Create Questions has 10 choices for you to choose from. These choices are calculate, combination , fill in the blank, jumbled sentence, matching, multiple choice, paragraph, short answer and true and false.

Once you have created your assessment, it is a good idea to test it by previewing it. To do this access the list of assessments by once again clicking Assessments in the Course Tools menu.

Locate your assessment in the list and click on the arrow like drop down menu to the right of the assessment title. Upon clicking you will notice a list of options appear. Choose Preview from these options. The assessment preview will appear in a pop up window. You are able to click and interact with the preview to test its functionality etc.

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