How to setup an assignment within Blackboard

To create an assignment, first make sure that you have given yourself a building role by selecting the build tab located near the top of the page.

Notice the course menu on the left hand side of the page. You should see the menu itemAssignment in this menu. If you do not see this item in the menu please refer to the tutorial on how to add and remove tools for your course.

Once you have the assignment module activated, click on the Assignments button in the course menu.

Near the top of the screen you will now notice a button that says Create Assignment”. Click this to continue.

You will notice a variety of categories and fields you will have to specify to set your assignment up. We will walk through each of these sections individually.

  • Title and Description: Insert your title description and instructions. Also attach any files you wish to use as part of the assignment using the Add Attachments button.
  • Student Submission format: Text allows student to copy and paste their assignment or to attach a file for upload. Website asks the students to upload website content in a ZIP file.
  • Assignment recipients: This allows you to specifically assign an assignment to a small group of students if needed.
  • Dates: Allows you to enter the due date for the assignment as well as a cut off date if you so choose to allow late assignements. If you do not want to accept late assignments, make the cut off date the same as the due date.
  • Goals: If you are using the Goals module, you can associate a goal built in that module with the assignment.
  • More Option: This area allows you to specify if you want your students to be able to submit and resubmit before the due date and allows for some publishing options as well. Making submissions publishable by the Students means they can share their assignment with the class if they choose to. This feature is often set to instructor publishing only. Finally there is an option for you to be notified by email each time an assignment is submitted.

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