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Event Bookmarking Technology

Many of us working in higher education attend conferences. We go to the conferences to present, to learn and to network. We learn about new services and technologies, we learn about people implementing those technologies, we learn methods on dealing with technological challenges, we learn names and we learn URL’s just to name a few. But where do we store all that information?

Some of us have notebooks. Some of us use laptops. Some email messages and pics to themselves via their cell phone. While others rely on their memory. One company has taken it upon themselves to build a device and service that allows you to bookmark everything at the event and access every detail about a person, event or thing via a social network. Beyond all of that fantastic functionality it also allows for a dynamic updates to information via audience response system technology.

Currently this device is used for conferences and events, but I can see potential for it to become a truly dynamic communication device for campuses as it can be used in many roles from registration, to book purchase, to social networking and formative assessments. Take a look at the technology and let us know if you think this product has potential.


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