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Video in the Classsroom

With the advent of much smaller and simpler video and audio recorders capturing course content has become much easier and accessible. Here at the CRDC we have 2 Pocket Cameras available to Faculty who would like to use video in their class. Some faculty have used these to capture guest lectures so that students can access the content at a later date. Some have recorded introductions to course topics and sections so students can have a summary of information to be covered in upcoming classes. Where self evaluation is important student presentations can be captured and released to individual students. Whatever their purpose the videos can be uploaded to our video server and embedded into the U of L Learning Management System for easy access to students.

If you would like more info on how you can use video in your class please contact the CRDC.

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Event Bookmarking Technology

Many of us working in higher education attend conferences. We go to the conferences to present, to learn and to network. We learn about new services and technologies, we learn about people implementing those technologies, we learn methods on dealing with technological challenges, we learn names and we learn URL’s just to name a few. But where do we store all that information?

Some of us have notebooks. Some of us use laptops. Some email messages and pics to themselves via their cell phone. While others rely on their memory. One company has taken it upon themselves to build a device and service that allows you to bookmark everything at the event and access every detail about a person, event or thing via a social network. Beyond all of that fantastic functionality it also allows for a dynamic updates to information via audience response system technology.

Currently this device is used for conferences and events, but I can see potential for it to become a truly dynamic communication device for campuses as it can be used in many roles from registration, to book purchase, to social networking and formative assessments. Take a look at the technology and let us know if you think this product has potential.


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Facebook dwindling

It seems like the king of social media is starting to lose its users. Facebook’s usership is dwindling slightly. Many users are preferring to use Twitter instead of Facebook. Although Twitter does not have the variety of features Facebook does, Twitter does offer an abundance of real-time information.

Is Facebook past its prime? | Web Services | Macworld.

As an early adopter of technology, I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon quite quickly. Initially Facebook was a great communication tool, and I believe the framework still is, but it unfortunately has become overcome with “spam” applications. Many people are using Facebook as a boredom tool, and because of this, the pages of the site have become filled with “intelligence-lacking” information.

On the other hand, Twitter began as a boredom tool, but has evolved into a way to disseminate information, links, pics, as well as audio and video. The Twitter community has also developed “Twitter Language” which allows hashtags followed by text to become a method of grouping tweets (messages sent by twitter).

Eg: “#Lethbridge”, this tag when searched will bring up all tweets that contain that hashtag.

It is important not to forget that Twitter still is a boredom tool for many, and will never be free of “non-important” information. Facebook has the same advantages and problems as Twitter, however, Twitter has fewer ways to become spam filled.

What does this shift in social media use mean for education. It means that educators need to be aware of a shift in information gathering and a shift in communication. It seems users of social media, are looking for simplicity, mobility, and brevity.

Take a look at the article, and please share your thoughts on social media.

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