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My files are not actually uploading when I choose “Add File” in the Course Content area.

If you are trying to upload files for your course and they appear to be loading, but upon navigating to your course content area they are missing, follow the troubleshooting techniques below.

1. Are you uploading more than one file?
If you are uploading more than one file, keep in mind that you have a limit of ten files even though you can upload more than one. To resolve this, try adding the file again. When the dialogue window with the My Computer icon pops up, click on my computer. Notice a browsing window pops up that allows you to search for files. Close this window, and instead choose to upload files individually. This choice is a blue text link beside the My Computer icon. You will have to choose each file individually and upload in this manner. Often times this problem arises with Macintosh users due to a browser or Java compatibility issue, but can also arise on Windows as well.

2. I am uploading one file but it still won’t upload.
Try also using the instructions above.


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Using Blackboard’s File Manager

The file manager is a useful feature of the Blackboard Learning Management System that can allow you to transfer files between different Blackboard courses as well it can be used to upload content.

To access the file manager, ensure you are have a building role by selecting the build tab near the top left of the screen.

Under Designer Tools, click on File Manager. You are now accessing the file manager. On the left side you will see a site map of the folders you have access to, and on the right you will see all the files for the course you are currently in.

Similarly to the Course Content area, you can create files, get files and organize files using folders. Buttons specifying these exact activities are prominent near the top of the screen.

If you have multiple courses, you can transfer files between your courses as well.

To transfer a file to another course, or even to a different folder within the same course, check the box beside the file you would like to move.

Once selected access the drop dropdown menu for the item (which looks like a downwards pointing arrow with two lines beneath it) and choose move.

This will open up a dialogue box that asks you where you would like to move your file. You can choose from the location that works best for you. If you are transferring an asset to a different course, then you would choose “Class Files” and the appropriate class and folder.

NOTE: You can only move files not folders from course to course. Folders can only be moved within the class it was created in.

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What types of files can I upload to Blackboard?

Blackboard allows you to upload a variety of files to use as resources online. Keep in mind that when providing resources that your students will need the ability to view the resources, and using a paid or proprietary software to create files in a specific format, may become problematic. Some examples of common file types are: .mov, .doc, .pps, .ppt, .rtf, .pdf, .swf

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How do I upload a file in Blackboard

To upload a file in the Blackboard course management system:

  1. Choose the Build tab. The build, teach and student tabs are located in the top left area of the screen.
  2. Choose Course Content from the Course Tools menu on the left of the screen.
  3. Choose Add File from the choices in the Course Content area
    • This button is a dropdown menu. It will provide you with the following choices: Browse for Files OR Create File
    • Choose Browse for Files to upload content from your computer
    • Choose Create File if you wish to create a file using the HTML editor.
  4. For the purposes of this post we are going to choose Browse for Files. When you choose this option a dialogue box will appear that asks you where you would like to get your files from: My Computer, My Files, Class Files.
  5. To upload a file from your computer choose My computer.
  6. Navigate to the file you wish to upload and choose the file you wish to upload. Click Open. Your file should begin uploading and be place in your classes course content area. The uploaded file will retain its name and will display with the name it was given before upload. This name can be changed if needed via the properties option in the item’s drop down menu. Java must be installed and working in order for you to choose files from My Computer. If you do not see My Computer then you will have to install java.


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