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Why is my plagiarism report showing a high offense rate?

For more information regarding plagiarism reports view Student User Manual >> Chapter 2 Originality Checking.

Turnitin .com also has provided this video regarding originality reports

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As a student how do I submit a paper to

Refer to Chapter 1 >> Section Submitting a Paper >> Turnitin Student User Manual


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As a student how do I login to

Your professor will supply you with a course ID and a password via email. Use this information to login at

Upon navigating to you will see a login area near the top of the screen. Underneath the email address field is a link that says Create Account. Click this link to continue.

Refer to the area labeled New students start here.

Click the link labeled Create a user profile.

Next navigate to the area labeled Create New Account. Choose the student link in this area.

Follow the instructions and fill in the required fields to create an account associated with your class.


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How do I view student submissions via

To view student submissions when logged into make sure you have an instructors role by selecting the Instructor tab at the top left of the screen.

Then choose the tab my classes located near the turnitin logo.


Select the class you wish to view assignments in by clicking the linked class name. A list of assignments will appear. Choose to view the assignment you wish to grade by clicking view in the actions column.

From this point you can choose to grademark the paper or view the plagiarism report

For specific information regarding the originality report, please refer to this video provided by

If you are accessing the Turnitin Assignment via Blackboard, first you will need to make sure you have a teachers role by selecting the Teach tab. Then from the Course Tools menu on the left of the screen choose Course Content. Navigate to your turnitin assigment. Click on the assignment icon and Blackboard will automatically load turnitin as an embedded feature of Blackboard.


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How does Turnitin integrate with Blackboard?

Turnitin has provided Blackboard users with a module that allows Turnitin Assignments to be created without leaving the Learning Management System.

To create a Turnitin Assignment using our current version of Blackboard, make sure you have a builders role by choosing the build tab near the top left of the screen.

From the Course Tools menu on the left of the screen choose Course Content. The Turnitin Assignment is built in this window.

At the top of the page you will notice a button called Add Content Link. Click on this button to access the options.

From the options on this menu choose Turnitin Assignment. Upon choosing this option you will notice a button called Create Turnitin Assignment.

Choose this option and you will be prompted to title your assignment and then create it.

Upon the assignments creation you will be prompted to choose options for the assignment. Notice that at this stage the options reflect an actual interaction with If you are familiar with you should know how to proceed. If you are unfamiliar with setting up assignments on please see the tutorials regarding this program.

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I have a Turnitin class setup. What do I tell my students to do?

The following are links to video tutorials for students. After viewing these student tutorials you will have an idea of the process your students will have to go through to be able to submit papers via

How to create a student Profile | Watch Now

How students enroll in your class | Watch Now

How students submit a paper | Watch Now

A complete student user manual for | View PDF

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A Tutorial on Setting up a course within

Once you have an account ID and password, you are able to set up your own course with your own Class ID and password. Follow this detailed tutorial information on setting up a course found at


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How do I request access to Turnitin?

The University subscribes to Turnitin with an institutional license. When you attempt to setup a course within, you will be asked for an account ID and password. Please email Brad Reamsbottom to gain access to this ID and password.


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