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Export grades from Blackboard to SIS (registrars system)

The procedure is as follows. Note: only Lead instructor (as listed by theRegistrar), will be able to complete this procedure.

1) There is a column in your grade book for each class called “Final” we need to get your final letter grades in that column (A+ , A, … F). You can enter them manually, or upload them from a spreadsheet if you wish. You need to make sure you only have letter grades expected by the system, and that they are all upper case etc. For some of you this may mean you need to change the column type of the final column to “alphanumeric” (if it is a calculated column). You can do this from the “grade book Options” > “Column Settings” page.

2) There is a drop down menu at the bottom of your grade book called “export to SIS”, you need to select “Final” for that and press the green arrow button to the right on this dropdown menu to start the procedure.

3) Pretty much just follow the instructions, they will have you confirm the grades and guide you through the process.

4) If there are any errors during the process give the CRDC a call (1856) and we can work through fixing them.

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Exporting assessments to another class in Blackboard

An assessment can be exported from one class to another to avoid having to build the exam from scratch.

In order to do this, the exam must first be exported.


Choose the build tab to ensure you have a builders role. Choose Assessments from the Course Tools menu. Choose the drop down menu beside the assessment you wish to export, and choose Export from the menu items. Choose Class Files in the browsing window and navigate to the course you which to export the assessment to. Once you have chosen the destination of the assessment, type in a file name in the Save as: field. Then click OK.

The exam has now been exported to the course of your choice. However, the process is not complete. The exam must then be imported via the course you just exported to.


Choose the build tab to ensure you have a builders role. Choose Manage Course from the Designers Tools menu on the left of the screen. Choose Import. A dialogue box appears, similar to the export dialogue box. Navigate to the assessment in the list of files. It is listed alphabetically; however, you can list the files by type by clicking Type at the top of the file list. The assessment will be listed according to the name you gave it and will be a ZIP file.

Once you have located the file, click the radio button beside it and click okay. A report will be generated on screen letting you know if the import was successful. Upon successful import you should click Return. To view the imported data click on Assessments and Go to Question Database. The imported assessment actually imports as individual questions to the question database. They will be in the category named the same as the ZIP file you exported.

To add these questions to an assessment follow these instructions.

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My files are not actually uploading when I choose “Add File” in the Course Content area.

If you are trying to upload files for your course and they appear to be loading, but upon navigating to your course content area they are missing, follow the troubleshooting techniques below.

1. Are you uploading more than one file?
If you are uploading more than one file, keep in mind that you have a limit of ten files even though you can upload more than one. To resolve this, try adding the file again. When the dialogue window with the My Computer icon pops up, click on my computer. Notice a browsing window pops up that allows you to search for files. Close this window, and instead choose to upload files individually. This choice is a blue text link beside the My Computer icon. You will have to choose each file individually and upload in this manner. Often times this problem arises with Macintosh users due to a browser or Java compatibility issue, but can also arise on Windows as well.

2. I am uploading one file but it still won’t upload.
Try also using the instructions above.


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Testing Centre Information for Students

Do not wait until the last scheduled day that an exam is available to write it. It is your responsibility to complete the exam in a timely fashion. If there are 120 students in a course and they all wait until the last morning to write an exam, there will not be enough time, or possibly room, for everyone to complete the test before the deadline.

Some quizzes or exams may have a time limit in which you need to complete them. As soon as you begin an exam a timer will start. Make sure that you submit your quiz or exam before the time expires.

The act of cheating is a very serious academic offense and is treated by the invigilators as such. Invigilators will watch for any signs of communication between students, and any other forms of cheating. These will be noted and the instructor of the course will be informed. Fellow students may also inform the invigilators of any cheating or suspicious behavior they notice in the Testing Centre. University of Lethbridge policies regarding academic offenses are described in Part 4 of the University Calendar.

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Can I get my grades on Blackboard?

Blackboard does offer the ability to review your marks online; however, these marks are released at the discretion of the instructor. If you are sure you should be seeing your marks via Blackboard, inform your professor that you are unable to view the marks you are seeking.


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How do I access Blackboard?

Go to and choose to login. Use your UofL username and password. The same ones that you use to access your email.

If you are unable to gain access first ensure a few things.

Ensure you actually have a Blackboard course to access. Not all instructors use Blackboard and if you have no courses utilizing Blackboard, you will be given a login error as there is nothing for you to access and as such your username is not given access to the system.

Ensure you are typing in the correct username and password. If you are unsure of your UofL username and password, please visit the password change form provided by IT.


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Can I add other content besides plain text to a discussion board thread within Blackboard?

Yes you can. You can add attachments to the post using the add attachments button. If you would like formatted text to appear in the post itself, only HTML can be used to format the posts.

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Can I grade participation on Blackboard Discussion Boards?

Yes you can. You can set up the grading options in the properties of the discussion post.

When topics are gradeable, anonymous posts cannot be enabled.

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I have a discussion board in Blackboard, how do I use it?

By default, the discussion boards use a threaded topic format. Users post and reply to messages. Replies that are associated with the same post are grouped together, creating message threads that can be expanded and collapsed.

However, if you adjust the settings, you can also format the discussion board using a Blog Topic or a Journal Topic.

Blog topics create a collaborative blog (weblog) space by allowing participants to post a chronological series of entries on a particular topic. Participants can then add comments to any blog entry.

Journal Topics give Students a place for their own writing. The journals can be kept private between the Student and the Section Instructor or shared with the class.

By default only threaded discussions are available. To make the Blog and Journal topics available, select the Build tab >> Manage Course >> Settings.

Within the settings module, there are a ton of choices to look at. We want to look in the Tools column and click on the link called Discussions.

The Discussion tools settings panel opens and provides you with a number of options to toggle on and off. You will need to toggle Enable Blog and Journal type topic creation to True.

Now when you go to create a discussion topic, you will be given a choice of threaded, blog or journal.

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