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The Power of Positive

Over the last 10 years, researchers in the field of positive psychology have used empirical methods to study the factors that help people create happiness and flourishing.  Even more exciting, these researchers have translated their findings into concrete strategies that anyone can use to improve overall well-being – no winning lottery ticket, tropical vacation, fantasy romance, high powered job, or even therapy required!

How's the Transition to University Going So Far?

This is one of the BIGGEST times of transition that you will experience in a lifetime, so if you are having some problems managing, then you are definitely not alone! Think of everything that is new…academic changes (new type of learning, new expectations, new environment), social changes (new friends, exposure to new ideas/types of people), and personal changes (living on your own, a new city, financial stress). It’s no wonder that you may be feeling overwhelmed!!
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I'm Stressed, How Can I Handle it All?

Are you finding yourself feeling more irritable and impatient lately? Maybe you are having problems sleeping, frequent headaches, neck tension, stomach upset, or shortness of breath? Maybe you are just plain freaking out!! These are all signs of stress. Chronic stress can lead to serious mental and physical problems, such anxiety, depression and heart disease.

Love Your Lines!

If you want a lesson in loving your body you just need to watch young children for a while. They are fascinated with how their bodies work and what they can do.   They move with joy and rarely do they seem self-conscience about what they look like.  They even say things like “I am soooo beautiful just the way I am” and they seem to really mean it. Rarely do we see adults with the same sort of self assurance.

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New Year, New Accomplishments

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisibile into the visible." Anthony robbins

At this time of year everyone seems to be setting new goals for themselves and people seem inspired to do things differently.  Maybe this is your year for being healthier, to focus on your course work, or even to spend more time with friends.  Whatever it is, the following ideas might help you to meet your expectations for the coming year.


Start Making the Most of Your Time

The beginning of October often brings a wave of mid-terms for many students.  If you have been coasting since September, you might now be feeling like it's time to buckle-down and focus on your school work.  A good time management strategy can help you to get a handle on things and feel more confident during test time.