Career Development

Pursuing your degree but not sure if it's the right one for you? Overwhelmed by all the possibilities and worried you won't pick the right path? Career decisions can be very confusing but we can help you develop a sense of direction in your career journey. Book an appointment to discuss your Career Direction.

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One of the reasons we attend university is to build a good life for ourselves.  We pursue a university education because we feel that it will provide a promising pathway for building a fulfilling, engaging, and satisfying life.  However, this does not always work as smoothly as we hope.  It is not uncommon to experience a great deal of uncertainty during our university experience.  We wonder: “What program should I take?” “What path will provide me with the best job?” “How do I know whether the program I am in will help me build the kind of life that I want?”  These questions can often be overwhelming and immobilizing.  It feels as though there is a lot at stake and we don’t want to make a decision that will send us down a path of disappointment, dissatisfaction and unhappiness – a decision that will keep us from realizing the good life that we desire.  At Counselling Services we understand the uncertainties and anxieties people face as they strive to build a good life.  And we love to meet with students to explore their unique gifts, dreams and passions and help them realize a life full of meaning and purpose.  Look us up for career counselling or attend one of our career workshops and engage us in one of our passions!