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Services for Students

Services provided in Calgary

  • Program planning guides, timetables, brochures, and other useful resources
  • One-on-one advising
  • Assistance with course selection, class scheduling and monitoring academic progress
  • Advice on changing major or program
  • Degree audits
  • Pre-requisite waiver requests for MGT courses
  • All appeals or special requests

Degree audit reports

A degree audit report shows your progress toward graduation requirements. You can request a degree audit from our office. To protect confidentiality, photo ID is required.


On occasion, a student may have acquired the necessary background for an advanced course through prior work experience and the instructor may be willing to waive the pre-requisite. If you are in this situation, before you speak with the instructor, the first thing to do is see an advisor.

Similarly, there is provision to appeal final grades, should you feel that you have been assessed unfairly. Again, begin this process by seeing your academic advisor.

Sometimes illness or a family emergency make it impossible to meet a deadline or write a scheduled exam. First, speak to your instructor. If the situation is more serious and you need to reschedule final exams or even withdraw from your courses, meet with an advisor as soon as possible.

Office hours

Unless otherwise posted, the Calgary campus is open during the hours listed below.

Monday–Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday/Sunday & holidays: Closed

Student identification cards

You can request a Student ID card from the Calgary campus office any time of the year. Simply provide your Student ID number and we will take a photo for your identification card.

All students are required to wear their ID cards and lanyards while attending classes on Bow Valley College. Also, it is important to get a student ID card to access the U of L library and other student facilities on the Calgary campus.


Please be aware of your payment options at the U of L Calgary campus.

The Calgary campus happily accepts debit, personal cheques, and money orders for tuition payments. Students can also pay their tuition fees through their financial institutions, either online or by telephone. Students will need to set up the “The University of Lethbridge” as a bill payment, and their 9-digit student ID number is their account number. Please ensure 3–4 business days for processing if you utilize this method of payment (otherwise your payment may not be received by the fee deadline.)

Please note: the U of L Calgary campus does not accept cash or credit card as a form of payment for tuition and all other related fees. This initiative has been put in place to safeguard your money. In addition, this program will ensure quick and efficient handling of your funds so that your accounts are cleared as promptly as possible. Please review the financial services website for clarification on this process at

Student loans

Student loan applications are available in paper form in the office. Alternatively, you can apply for student loans at the following web address, which generally has a faster turnaround time: Confirmation of Enrollment forms for continuing students can be processed through the Calgary campus office. Please allow 72 business hours for processing.


Booklists can be found outside of the U of L office. Call the office for information on where to purchase texts.

Some instructors choose to create a custom-made course pack. Course packs are ordered through the U of L’s online bookstore and are delivered to your home address. Once your order has been placed, course packs are shipped the next business day via Canada Express Post. Please visit for more information.

Or, you can join in the textbook exchange!  Please visit

Library services

Students who wish to use the U of L library services must activate their borrowing privileges at: This process must be completed every semester. Updating your library privileges allows you to check out books from the U of L library in Lethbridge. Once you order your book, the U of L library will send your book to the Calgary campus office, where we’ll call or email you when it’s ready for pick up. When you’re done with the book, come back to the Calgary campus office, and we’ll send it back to the U of L library, free of charge.

The Alberta Library (TAL) Card

The Alberta Library (TAL) card provides you with free borrowing privileges at all public, post-secondary and special libraries throughout Alberta. Subject to certain restrictions, all students in good standing are eligible to request a TAL card. Fill out an application form found in the Calgary campus office. Once the application is made, TAL cards are issued within 48 business hours.


You have use of various sources for technology and Internet access while attending the U of L Calgary campus.