CPA Bridging Mentorship Program



The CPA Bridging program at the University of Lethbridge is designed as a direct route for career changers and new Canadians interested in obtaining their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. CPA Bridging provides all of the prerequisite courses required for admission into CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) and students can complete the program on a part time basis while continuing to work.

Given the breadth of experience and backgrounds, CPA Bridging students bring a diversity of skills into their new business environment. Consequently, the goal of the mentor program is to provide a vehicle for students to explore the expectations of the CPA workplace, and to identify and articulate the competencies they bring to their new career.


To partner CPA Bridging students with designated accountants working in their community to build a mentorship relationship. The primary outcomes for the mentee are:

• advice regarding the opportunities and challenges of pursuing a professional finance

and accounting career;

• insight and knowledge into the business and accounting community and workplace


• career guidance regarding current job markets; and

• advice regarding networking opportunities within the CPA community



Mentors and mentees will meet at least once a semester, for two semesters, for a total of three hours. The total time may exceed three hours at the discretion of the mentor and mentee. After two semesters the relationship may continue in an informal manner exclusive of any involvement of the CPA Bridging program.

Mentors and mentees will be matched on the basis of their application questionnaires and stated preferences.

Mentors must commit to sharing their knowledge and advice in a manner that will assist the mentee in moving forward with their education and career goals.

Mentees are responsible for initiating contact with their mentor, and for preparing before each meeting with questions and discussion points that will maximize the time spent with the mentor.Mentees are also encouraged to create 3-5 educational and/or career goals with their mentor.

Mentees are informed that this is not a job placement opportunity and they are not to approach their mentor partnership as a means of securing employment. Any problems or concerns must be communicated to the Director, CPA Bridging.


The limits of confidentiality of the mentor/mentee discussions will be discussed between the two individuals. Note that participation in this program will not be indicated on the student’s transcript.

If you are interested in this mentorship opportunity, whether as a mentor or a mentee, click the appropriate link below to get started:

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