Reaffirming our Values: A University Response to the 2013-14 Provincial Budget

At the Community Update held on March 27, 2013, President Mahon committed to developing a values-based process to guide the University through the operating budget adjustments that we as a community must participate in.

In his presentation, Provost Hakin, outlined the process through which those values will be determined and endorsed, and the timeline under which we would conduct this process.

The values that will guide us are those that we, as a community, have collectively developed over multiple years, through many inclusive, collegial processes.

They are a distillation of the values that are the foundation of our Strategic Plan, our Academic Plan and our Research Plan.

Most importantly, the values are reflective of our community, and have been endorsed by both governance bodies of the University, the General Faculties Council and the Board of Governors.

Using these values as a compass we will develop and debate options and ultimately bring forward the 2013/14 consolidated budget for the University of Lethbridge. Using the pre-existing budget development entities and processes, President Mahon expects to make a recommendation to the Board of Governors to approve the 2013/14 consolidated budget in mid-May to allow the Comprehensive Institutional Plan (CIP) to be submitted to Enterprise and Advanced Education for the May 31 deadline. The budget is a key component of the CIP.

The values statement that has been presented has been vigorously debated and refined by Deans' Council, Executive Directors' Council, President’s Executive, the Budget Advisory Committee, the Budget Priorities Advisory Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, General Faculties Council, and the Board of Governors.

You are encouraged to read the document:

2013-14 Budget_Reaffirming values _BOG Approved April 10-13.pdf