2013 Budget Subcommittee Recommendations

Message from President Mahon

As I have indicated in my earlier budget communications, as the operating budget reduction process unfolded, the Budget Advisory Committee struck a number of subcommittees to begin work on developing a series of recommendations that impact operations that are multi-unit or are broad and significant for the University.

These budget subcommittees conducted their work over the course of the summer. The committees were tasked with looking at communications and marketing, information technology, recruitment, finance, faculty work assignments and Faculty program costs, collaboration with other institutions, administrative unit costs, opportunities for new revenue generation and employee group negotiation/discussion.

Their mandate was, where possible, to seek:

i. where efficiencies can be achieved in operations

ii. where operations can be more effective

iii. costs savings, budget cuts or revenue opportunities

iv. service responsiveness improvements

Their reports were received by President’s Executive and reviewed by the extended senior leadership team of Deans and Executive Directors at a retreat held in early October. A summary of the reports is now available. We will now begin implementation of these recommendations.

You will note from the summaries that there are many changes being proposed. While there will be some immediate cost savings, the full scope of savings will not be realized until the reports are fully implemented. This will take time.

I would like to thank the members of the committees for their work on preparation of the reports and for the work that will be undertaken to implement these recommendations.


Mike Mahon, Ph.D.

President and Vice Chancellor