Get Your Textbook List

Customized Textbook List

  • TextFinder is an online system that allows you to generate a list of texts based on your course registrations.
    • Texts will be labelled as "required" or "optional" as determined by your professors.
    • "Alternate formats" like e-books or alternate bindings of texts may also appear on your list.
  • Login using the same user name and password as TheBridge

Available on a Semester-by-Semester Basis

  • TextFinder lists are finalized two weeks before the first day of classes.
  • TextFinder lists can also be used to estimate textbook  costs for your student loan application

Getting Your Books 

Shelf Guarantee

  • Two weeks prior to class
    • If books on shelf are not what is required by your professor you can return items for a full refund.

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