Past Graduate Students

Glenda Bonifacio (Supervisor):

Greta Vardazaryan (MA WGST in progress 2017) Gender, Migration, and Practices of Political Participation in Southern Alberta.

Semedeton Ilo (MA WGST in progress 2016) The Power of Agency: Transformation of Gender Roles and Marital Relations among Nigerian Immigrant Women in Lethbridge Alberta.


Jo-Anne Fiske (Supervisor):

Brittany Adams (WGST in progress 2016) Untying the Knot: Feminist Research Contributions to the Polygamy Reference.

Arielle Perrotta (MA Anthro/WGST in progress 2016) Vaginal Birth Experiences: Contemporary First-Time Mothers’ Perceptions of Technology during Childbirth.

Auburn Phillips (MA WGST) Perceptions of Women-Specific Senior Secondary Curricula in Western Canada, 2011.

Crystal Phillips (MA WGST) Theorizing Aboriginal Feminisms, 2011.

Andres, Kelly (MA WMST) Desiring Machinations of Matertekhnologi, 2008.


Carol Williams (Supervisor):

Anastasia Sereda (MA WGST in progress 2016) Opportunities and Obstacles to Women’s Political Leadership in Post-communist Europe: A Gender Analysis using English Language Sources.

Shaneen Fox (MA History in progress, pt time 2018) Violence and Silence: Blackfeet Women and Girls’ Experiences of Residential Schooling, 1940-1990.

Shannon Ingram (MA History in progress 2017) Confronting the Barriers: Abortion in Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Prosper Asaana (MA WGST) Migrant Health Care Practices: The Perspectives of Women Head Porters in Kumasi, Ghana, 2015.

Leon Crane Bear (MA NAS) The Indian Association of Alberta’s 1970 Red Paper published as a response to the Canadian Federal Government’s Proposed 1969 White Paper on Indian Policy, 2015.

Karissa Patton (MA History) We were having conversations that weren’t comfortable for anybody, but we were feisty:” Student activism against Reproductive Oppression in Calgary and Lethbridge during the 1960s and 1970s, 2015.