Courses for Urban & Regional Studies

Urban & Regional Studies Courses

Course selections for the program will vary but topics may include:

  • Introduction to Planning
  • Urban Social Geography
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Urbanization in Developing Countries
  • Social Problems
  • Urban Anthropology
  • Local Government & Politics
  • Production of Space
  • Anthropology of Space & Place
  • Sustainable Planning
  • Spatial Organization of Economic Activity

Additionally, all URS Majors are required to take one Independent or Applied Studies course. An Independent Study course will allow you to pursue more advanced research in consultation with a Faculty member on a highly focused urban or regional topic, whereas an Applied Studies course will allow you to gain credit for part-time work experience in a municipality or planning agency.

For more information, see your Program Planning Guide or speak to the Program Coordinator or an Academic Advisor.