Terms & Conditions | UL50 Golden Jubilee Awards

Terms of Reference

  • Award amount: $10,000
  • Number available: 5
  • Payment: $2500 per year for four years, if continuing eligibility is maintained
  • Allocation: two will be awarded to students in a BA program, two will be awarded to students in a BSc program, and one will be awarded to students in a BASc program; at least one award to be awarded to FNMI student


  • High school admissions average of 80% or over; high school transcripts must be delivered to Admissions by August 15, 2017 to verify this.
  • A minimum of one award will be given to a student who self-identifies as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.
  • The selection committee will consider academic performance, financial need and uniqueness of the student’s circumstances in selecting the award recipients.


  • Application Deadline: March 15, 2017
  • Application Requirements:
    • Apply to the University of Lethbridge and access your U of L student ID number (needed for award application).
    • Complete the online award application.
    • A letter must accompany your application. This letter should address academic performance, financial need and outline your unique circumstances and why you should receive this award. The letter must NOT exceed one page in length.
    • A letter of reference must be attached to your application. This letter should be signed by the referee and include their current contact information. This letter may speak to your academics, financial need and the uniqueness of your circumstances, but may also include information about volunteerism, athletics, community involvement, etc. The reference should not be made by a family member.
    • A high school transcript must also be submitted with your University of Lethbridge application for admission and should be received by the Admissions office no later than August 15, 2017.

Selection Process

Selection will be based on high school academic performance, financial need and uniqueness of personal circumstance. Decisions will be made by the selection committee and communicated to Scholarships & Student Finance (SSF) on or before April 15, 2017. Selections will be assessed by SSF and conditional award notices will be delivered to the award recipients on May 1, 2017. Conditions must be met before final award confirmations are mailed - by August 20, 2017.


  • Selection eligibility:
    • Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Landed Immigrant (The UL50 award is open to Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants, and Permanent Residents of Canada. However, if you don’t meet the selection criteria then please visit our Scholarship and Awards website, as there are many more scholarships and awards available for supporting your studies at the University of Lethbridge. Please feel free to contact our Scholarships and Student Finance office if you have any questions about the awards listed there. All the best, and we hope to see you on campus in September!)
    • New first-year student (high school graduate)
    • 4-year BA, BSc or BASc program
    • Full-time student status (3-course equivalent)
    • Must be registered in University of Lethbridge courses by August 15, 2017
    • Award recipient should not be in receipt of more than $6,000 in University of Lethbridge scholarships and awards in year 1 of their program
  • Continuing eligibility:
    • Remain in BA, BSc or BASc program
    • Maintain full-time student status (3-course equivalent each semester)
    • Registration by August 15th of each year
    • Minimum 2.75 (Cumulative) GPA

Please direct any questions to artsci.communication@uleth.ca.