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The Faculty of Arts & Science is offering post-diploma and transfer students the opportunity to win a full semester of tuition. Apply by June 30th and your first semester's tuition could be free!

Faculty of Arts & Science Post-Diploma & Transfer Student Tuition Award

How do I apply for this tuition award?
Apply for admission to the University of Lethbridge by June 30, 2018. All students who apply by June 30th into a Faculty of Arts & Science program who meet the Award Criteria below will have the opportunity to win. After you apply to the University of Lethbridge, you must complete the awards application. The awards application will remain open until July 15th.

Apply to the U of L by June 30, 2018.

Tuition Award Criteria:
1 award to cover the cost of 1 semester's tuition (5 course max, domestic tuition rates apply) at the University of Lethbridge will be conditionally offered to one selected applicant. Tuition credit recipients must be registered as post-diploma or transfer students into the Faculty of Arts and Science BA, BSc or BASc programs at the University of Lethbridge, regardless of major, for the 2018/2019 academic year. Application for this tuition award will be based on academic performance of a minimum 2.75/4.00 and a draw. International students are eligible for this tuition award, however payment will be based on the domestic tuition rate.

Notification & Payment:
Selection and notification of these tuition credits will occur in July 2018. The tuition award will be applied to your account in September. Funds are non-transferable.

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