Department of Sociology Faculty Research Information

Dr. Claudia Malacrida
Dr. Claudia Malacrida, Professor

Dr. Malacrida is currently researching motherhood and disability, social policy relating to family and disability in Canada and the UK, eugenics historically and “new” eugenic practices in Alberta and the UK, birthing practices and medicalization/demedicalization of childbirth, and the politics of medicine and the body.

Dr. Malacrida is willing to accept graduate students interested in any of the above topics or those who propose more diverse projects relating to the body, gender, and power.


Dr. Reginald Bibby

Dr. Reginald Bibby, Professor
Board of Governors Research Chair, Sociology

Dr. Bibby has been monitoring social trends in Canada through a series of well-known national surveys of adults and teenagers that have spanned the past four decades. His areas of specialty include religion, youth, research methods, futures studies, and knowledge mobilization. He is happy to accept graduate students who are interested in these and other related areas of study.


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Trevor Harrison
Dr. Trevor Harrison, Professor

Dr. Harrison specializes in political sociology, political economy, and public policy, both nationally and globally. He has an ongoing interest in anything to do with Canadian society, and is currently researching the socio-cultural and political impacts of militarism. Dr. Harrison is willing to accept graduate students interested in any of the above topics or those who propose more diverse projects related to politics, economics, culture, and society.


Dr. Susan McDaniel, Canada Research Chair in Global Population & Economy, Prentice Research Chair & Professor

Dr. McDaniel’s current research is on life course change in Canada and internationally. One project is a Canada/US study of mid-lifers in the Great Recession. Others include research in Asia, on aging and social policy, and in population health.

Dr. McDaniel is accepting Masters and PhD students interested in any aspect of her research program or that of the Prentice Institute.

Prentice Institute:

Dr. Muriel Mellow, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science


Dr. William Ramp

Dr. William Ramp, Associate Professor

Dr. Ramp’s research interests are concentrated in two main areas: social and political theory, and cultural and historical sociology. His specific interests include theories of religion, identity and knowledge; discourse, memory and narrative; material culture (including museum studies, collecting and collections); aesthetic sociology and art history; food politics and culture, and the political culture of European and North American agrarian and co-operative movements.

Dr. Ramp is willing to consider supervision of graduate students interested in one or more of the above topic areas.


Dr. Jason Laurendeau, Associate Professor and Chair

Dr. Laurendeau’s research interests coalesce around risk, gender, embodiment, emotion and physical culture. He employs a number of research methods - including ethnography, interviews, textual analysis and autoethnography - in order to interrogate these issues from a critical perspective. He has a number of research projects in various stages, exploring such substantive topics as BASE jumping, Search and Rescue organizations, and ‘progressive’ fatherhood.

Dr. Laurendeau is accepting graduate students.

Dr. Kimberly Mair

Dr. Kim Mair, Assistant Professor

Dr. Mair research interests are: Social theory; sensoriality and aesthetics of communication; subjectivity; art; cultural studies; urban spaces; and urban guerrillas.

Dr. Mair is willing to accept graduate students interested in any of the above areas

Dr. Tom Perks
Dr. Thomas Perks, Associate Professor

Dr. Perks’ research interests include, among other things, studies in social capital and voluntary participation, sport and physical activity and social inequality.

Dr. Perks is accepting graduate students in any of the above areas.


Dr. Kara Granzow, Assistant Professor

Dr. Kara Granzow's research and teaching interests include gender and sexuality studies; medicine and science studies; feminist and post-foundational theory; research methodology; critical race studies; and memory studies. Granzow has a particular interest in histories and practices that work to unsettle the Canadian West. In her recent work Granzow traces the colonial contours of racialized and gendered violence in Edmonton, Alberta.




Dr. Athena Elafros

Dr. Athena Elafros, Assistant Professor

I am a qualitative cultural sociologist who studies culture, popular music, and ethnic communities. My current research focuses on three distinct, yet interrelated, areas of research: 1) social inequality, popular culture, and cultural production, 2) ethnicity, identities, and intersectionality, and 3) gay-straight alliances within Canada and the United States of America. My peer-reviewed publications include articles in Cultural Sociology, Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts, Popular Music and Society, and co-authored articles in Social Sciences and the Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue Canadienne de Sociologie.


Dr. Gülden Özcan

Dr. Gülden Özcan, Assistant Professor

Dr. Özcan is interested in social and political theory, policing and social control, social movements, gender, moral and cultural regulation.

Her research examines the relationship between the projects of ‘police’ and the ‘public,’ with a focus on eighteenth-century police science in Europe, and early nineteenth-century police in London, UK.

Dr. Özcan has two related research projects. The first concerns the theory of pacification as a war strategy aimed at ordinary citizens. The second concerns the neoliberal re-structuration in Turkey in relation to the broader ‘national security’ discourse.