Career Prospects

Professional Disciplines

Your degree in Remote Sensing provides an excellent foundation for Management, Engineering or Environmental Law.

Future Employment Prospects and Related Fields

Employment in Remote Sensing has an exceptionally bright outlook. As a graduate in this emerging field, your skills will be in demand across a wide range of sectors - from corporate energy giants to specialized government departments.

Here are just a few of the options that may be open to you:

  • Geospatial Technology Companies
    (Google, Microsoft)
  • Survey Firms
  • Mapping Companies
  • Aerospace Engineering Firms
  • Positioning & Navigation Businesses
  • Building or Defense Contractors
  • Petroleum & Energy Producers
  • Mining Corporations
  • Remote Sensing companies
  • Space Agencies
  • Geographical Information
  • Computer Graphics Businesses
  • Public Utilities
  • Government Departments