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RELS 1000AIntroduction to World ReligionsAtif Khalil
RELS 1000AIntroduction to World ReligionsHillary Rodrigues
RELS 2360AJapanese ReligionsJohn Harding
RELS 2400AJudaismJames Linville
RELS 2450ABible SurveyJennifer Otto
RELS 3000AReligion and the Possibility of Alien LifeJames Linville
RELS 3200ABuddhism and FilmJohn Harding
RELS 3501AChristianity and ViolenceJennifer Otto
RELS 3600NClassical Islamic ThoughtAtif Khalil
RELS 4110ATantra: Philosophy and TraditionsHillary Rodrigues
RELS 4400ASufismAtif Khalil