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GREK 2850AIntroduction to Greek Lit.Craig Cooper
LATI 1100AElementary Latin IIBrian Smart
LATI 2850AMedieval Latin LiteratureBrian Smart
RELS 1000AIntroduction to World ReligionsThomas Robinson
RELS 1000AIntroduction to World ReligionsHillary Rodrigues
RELS 2100AThe Hindu TraditionHillary Rodrigues
RELS 2300AEast Asian ReligionsJohn Harding
RELS 2400AJudaismJames Linville
RELS 2600AIslamAtif Khalil
RELS 3000AReligion and the Science Fiction ScreenJames Linville
RELS 3600AIslamic Art, Architecture and MusicAtif Khalil
RELS 4000NWho Were the First ChristiansThomas Robinson
RELS 4110AAsian Religions and the WestJohn Harding
RELS 5110AAsian Religions and the WestJohn Harding
RELS 5600AIslamic Art,Architecture,MusicAtif Khalil