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POLI 1000AIntroduction to Political ScienceJohn von Heyking
POLI 1000YIntroduction to Political ScienceBrittney Price
POLI 2110AInternational RelationsKen Kellett
POLI 2210ACanadian Politics and GovernmentPeter McCormick
POLI 2610AIntroductory Research MethodsHarold Jansen
POLI 3130AInternational Political EconomyChristopher Kukucha
POLI 3210ALocal Government and PoliticsJeffrey Coffman
POLI 3221AThe Politics of Canadian FederalismGeoffrey Hale
POLI 3241ACanadian Constitutional Law I: Federalism and First NationsPeter McCormick
POLI 3270APolitical Economy of CanadaGeoffrey Hale
POLI 3324AEuropean IntegrationAlan Siaroff
POLI 3511ALiberalism and Modern DemocracyJohn von Heyking
POLI 3850ASocial Policy in CanadaYale Belanger
POLI 4100AInternational Relations TheoryChristopher Kukucha